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Kiahuna Plantation Condos
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Kauai condos located in Kiahuna Plantation.


Should I book the unit or get airplane tickets first? We suggest first looking at the flights offered by your preferred airline. This may help you get a sense of the best days of the week to travel. Some direct flights are limited to certain days. Then book the unit accordingly. Once you have your accommodations set, then get the airplane tickets.


We recommend taking along a small bluetooth speaker when traveling so you can listen from your own playlist on your smartphone, or using a service like Spotify or Pandora, also from your smartphone or tablet. You will have great quality sound and it will add to your experience. We have been using a JBL Go wireless bluetooth speaker and it is fantastic. They cost under $25 and very easy to use and take up only about 6 cubic inches in the suitcase.

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Kauai Condos

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